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Redheads First Ass Penetration

Posted by msacras

What is it about redheads that makes them so slutty? Blondes are always good for a wild time in the bedroom. Brunettes know how to really satisfy fellas. But it seems like redheads are always more kinky and more sexually excited than most other angels. If you don’t believe me, trying dating a redhead for a […]

Teen Rides Old Tractor

Posted by admin

It never ceases to amaze me how horny these teens are and how lucky those old men on a regular basis. This honey stopped to help the old chap next door out with his yard work. It’s not that though that gets the helping hand, and mouth! He needs more ramrod attention than lawn attention […]

Japanese Teenager Cumswappers

Posted by admin

These shy asian sweethearts are quite the little cum whores. They can’t live without to play in the cum and of course swapping is just par for the course. There are plenty of hard cocks in this update and even more hot jizz getting passed back and forth between these Japanese teenagers. This is one wicked and […]

Juicy and Messy Blue Cream

Posted by Support Stuff

– Tera Joy is named that way because she brings guys and honeys joy in all sorts of kinky ways. Today, we get to learn all about one of Tera Joy’s most secret fetishes. It involves a big bowl of blue gooey slime. What is it? Is it Jell-O? Gel? Lube? It could be all of these things – or even a mixture thereof. All we know is that Tera and her sexy golden-haired friend Mona Lee start out looking fine and classy in their hawt outfits, but they won’t even take their panty hose off when they start really smearing each other down in all that messiness. The blue slime coats Tera’s pantyhose, boots, hair, not to mention her girlfriend’s red vinyl pants and fancy white riding boots. While such “sports” would disgust most babes, for Tera Joy and Mona Lee, getting oozy and messy – and just a little bit gooey – is all part of the fun!

Evening Piss Sex Fun

Posted by Support Stuff

– Tina Gabriel and Pepper are invited over to their boss’s house for an evening session. Both know that the boss has an insatiable appetite for piss – and both are fully willing to fulfill his cravings. They start out with some glasses of white wine, which effectively gets both their libidos cranking and their bladders full. The boss bends Pepper over to admire her ass through her panty hose – then he takes out his rod and pisses all over it. Tina Gabriel laughs – she finds it all quite silly, and perhaps just a little bit hot. The panty pantyhose are then moved aside so that the boss can insert his member into Pepper’s tender cookie doggy style, giving it to her like the whore this babe is. Then it’s Pepper’s turn to wash her orgy partners’ faces in urine… Piss the night away with Pepper and Tina and their boss – come on, you know you want it.

Femdom Piano Teacher Disciplines Student

Posted by Support Stuff

– Carlos is over at the house of his piano teacher, Janet. Janet soon discovers that Carlos hasn’t been practicing at all. When students misbehave, then teacher has no choice – she has to exact some discipline. She slams the piano shut and orders Carlos to his knees. Carlos is scared. He doesn’t know what Janet is going to do. Her form of torture is very sweet… This sweetheart first orders him to worship her feet, which are clothed in panty pantyhose. Then Carlos is forced to take his cock out. She ties some rope around his dong and balls, torturing him that way by tightening it gradually, until Carlos is screeching in pain. Janet ties a strap-on vibrator around Carlos’s face, then lifts up her skirt so that this stud can penetrate her juicy vagina. All the while, she has her grip on the rope, which she tightens at will, sending shivers of panic down Carlos’s body as his cock hardens. Then she gets a big sextoy out and begins greasing up her bad student’s asshole…

Alley Way Prostitute Gang Bang

Posted by Support Stuff

– Bailly, Sydney, Chanel, Cassy, Angelica Hard, Liza Sparkl, Mela, and Aletta Alien are high class whores who like to get lowdown and ribald on the weekends and go at it ghetto style with their boyfriends. In this back alley orgy sequence, the ladies prove that there’s no such thing as inhibited lust, as they fuck like rabbits with any piece of rod that happens to be on hand – even going at it with a couple of homeless guys who just happened to be hanging out! From the magical number 69 to doggy style pounding, cum slurping, and beyond, these whores’ eyes roll into the back of their heads as they moan in ecstatic agony in this sloppy outdoor fuck feast. They’re crazy, they’re sexually excited, and they won’t stop until they attain multiple orgasms – thankfully, those dudes know just how to enjoyment such experienced, delicate twatted babes. Only on Avid Sex Party!

Fully Clothed Lesbian honeys At the Gym

Posted by Support Stuff

– Gitta is having a one-on-one training session at her gym when her best friend Yoha arrives to pick her up. The 2 chicks make for a breathtaking contrast – blonde Gitta in her delicate training outfit, Yoha in her silk blouse, short skirt, and swarthy panty pantyhose. Yoha asks her friend to hurry up and get dressed so that they can get to the cinema in time for the new Hollywood blockbuster both have been dying to see. But when Gitta emerges from the dressing room, all hot to trot, Yoha’s lesbionic cravings kick in. This chick grabs Gitta by the arm and gives her that look… the one that can only mean one thing. Gitta soon has Yoha bent over the exercising equipment and begins to exercise two of her fingers into her best friend’s moist pussy. Then this babe slips a third digit in… And then a fourth. By that time, Yoha’s pussy is dripping with vagina juice. She spreads her legs and Gitta licks it all off.

Homosexual Construction Worker Orgy

Posted by Support Stuff

– No self-respecting homosexual man can walk past a construction site without checking out the meat on offer. If you were to walk past this particular construction site, you’d get an instant boner. The studs are busy at work, building up a new set for a Dudes Go Crazy party. But you know how these guys get – one wants to take a little break, a second follows, and before you know it, there’s a full fledged orgy underway. Thankfully there were cameras on hand to film those horny young construction workers’ sweaty shenanigans.

Real Estate Agent in Fully Clothed Sex Scene

Posted by Support Stuff

– Frederica Hill is spending a few days in the town on business and needs to stay in an apartment. Ellen Peterson, who runs a suite of apartments for short-term lease, meets Frederica in the park, explaining to her that this babe has an apartment she just knows Frederica will love. And, what’s more, the apartment is right around the corner. What Ellen doesn’t know is that the apartment’s last tenant still hasn’t left. In fact, it appears that this man had a large party there last night, because the flat is a complete mess – and he is still passed out in bed when they arrive. Ellen is peeved, naturally. She tells the man to hurry up, get clothed, and leave. Then she apologizes to Frederica and heads off to the upstairs office, hoping to find a cleaning girl to get the flat willing for Frederica immediately. Frederica, who remains downstairs, finds herself unexpectedly turned on by the hungover man. Her instincts tell her that he is probably a very priceless lover, so she decides to take the chance. And when Ellen comes back, she can’t help but join in on the savory action!